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Here at Sentient Rising Solutions, Graphic Design is one of our specialties. With over a decade of professional experience, and almost three decades of artistic experience, we can handle about any project you can throw at us!

Creating and building your brand identity, or brand image, is essential to your company’s success. The imagery you use will be the way your current customers and potential customers view, remember, and relate to your brand. A bad logo and a mix of inconsistent imagery across platforms and marketing materials can cause confusion. Your brand is not just your logo and imagery, but the community and culture your company creates in every area.

We can do a one-off project or create a consistent look across everything from your website, to social media, to marketing materials and beyond. Some of the projects we can do are listed below. However, we can do more than what you may find on our website, all you have to do is contact us to find out more!

Pricing for graphics is by the project and can range in price based on various factors such as design complexity, amount of deliverables, licensed or custom font(s), and the deadline, just to name a few. We also do package deals if you are needing multiple projects designed. You can either choose to pay 100% up front or a 50% deposit before the work begins, and a 50% final payment once the work is approved by you. If you choose the 50/50 method, you will receive your files once your final payment has been processed.

If you are interested in apparel designs, we recently started an online apparel store called “Hall of Fandom” that you can find here. All of those designs will also be showcased in the “Apparel” section below so you can see more examples of our design work.

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